Machiya Mirai Kichi

町家未来基地 改修工事



Machiya-Mirai-Kichi - Renovation Project

The first property of a town development project that started in January 2020 in Yamatokoriyama.
It is a site with a narrow frontage and a long depth,located in a town that once prospered as a commercial town under Koriyama Castle.
The building was a two-storied house, with flower shops and newspaper shops lined up facing the road,and the second floor was used as each residence.
It has been vacant for more than 10 years since the store was closed due to the aging of the population.
In order to regain the bustle of the past, it was renovated as a mixed-use restaurant, rental space, etc.
The building reflects the memory of the town.
It was a renovation that inherited the memory by selecting the places to modify and the places to leave.
I'd like to make the building more familiar to various people, so I incorporated a workshop into the construction process.
For example, cleaning, dismantling, plastering, painting, and space creation.
Many people, from town residents, city officials, children to adults, participated in the workshop and regenerated the vacant house together.


Machiya-Mirai-Kichi - Renovation Project
date : 2021.05.
type : mixed-use
status : completion