Yamato Koriyama-Renovation Project

大和郡山 リノベーションプロジェクト




Yamato Koriyama - Renovation Project

Yamatokoriyama City, Nara Prefecture, famous for its goldfish, is located in the center of the prefecture
and has good access to Osaka and Kyoto.
Once prospered as a castle town of Koriyama Castle and a commercial center city of Nara,
the function of the city moved to Nara City, and it declined as a town.
In the thriving shopping streets, the number of shops with shutters closed during the day has increased,
and the number of vacant houses has increased without changing generations.
This is the project that will serve as a base for town renovation to bring back the vibrancy of the old town.

In October 2020, Yamatokoriyama Machizukuri Co., Ltd. was established mainly by nine people with skills in various industries ,related to Yamatokoriyama or those who are interested in town development.
We will promote town renovation utilizing vacant houses in cooperation with Yamatokoriyama City
with a target of 100 in 10 years.
The first vacant house renovation property is scheduled to be completed in May 2021,
At the same time as utilizing the vacant house, we plan events on a regular basis
and work on creating a mechanism that overflows the town.


Yamato Koriyama - Renovation Project
date : 2020.01.~
type : housing
status : in progress
FB group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/yamatokoriyamamachidukuri