Interior telling the story Project




Formalize the story of life.
Stories have various forms and memories.It can be connected at the beginning and at the end, even if you can not make
the start and end like a novel story.It can be expressed either as uniaxial or as a vector from start to end.
The complexity of the story enables simple visualization by connecting the points of origin and conclusion.
If they are digitized in the XYZ axes, various lines for each will be created.
Despite having invisible and hidden memories, intertwined and precious memories, and diverse thoughts,
people grow up step by step on the big stage of life.
Gain experience as if climbing the stairs and take on the next stage.
What kind of story a person walks with is expressed in space as a human pattern embodied with the appearance of the story that changes with experience.


Interior Telling the Story Project
date : 2018.09.
type : interior
status : competition ,prize